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Recent Purchases
Customer Email Product Payment Amount
Sylvia Plath 2001 Cat 365BL Appraised $52,000
Homer 2013 CAT 501HD 79 Appraised $149,000
Edgar Allan Poe 2011 CAT 550 97 Invalid $110,000
William Butler Yeats New Holland 345D Appraised $10,500
Rabindranath Tagore 2007 Sterling Log Loader Invalid $43,500
Emily Dickinson 1986 CAT 627B Scraper Pending $28,000
Giovanni Boccaccio 2008 International ProStar Appraised $15,000
Oscar Wilde 1996 Freightliner Semi Tractor Appraised $6,995
John Doe 2005 International 4200 Appraised $17,500
Emma Watson Cat D9N Invalid $75,000
Sylvia Plath 1984 Center 51 Pending $14,500

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