What's a domain name?

A domain is used for your customers to access your B.R.A.D. system, or any other website you are using. Your customers will type your domain name into their browser, and it will take them directly to your website. B.R.A.D. uses the domain name brad.software. When you search that into your browser, it takes you directly to our website where you can view everything we have to offer. When purchasing a domain, you have various options for TLDs. TLDS are just what follows behind your domain. Since our domain is brad.software, our TLD would be .software. Some popular TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. Search for a domain down below.

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Take a step with us into the modern age and take back control of your business from those huge tech companies.

Our Mission

Our mission here at B.R.A.D. Software is to create the easiest user exprience for you to run your business. From small to large businesses we do it all, for any and every company out there. Our goal is to have your business succeed and grow, without all the hassle that comes along with it.

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