What is Accessibility?

What is Accessibility? We include Accessibility options to protect you and your company, and allow people with certain disabilities to enjoy your website and services.

You are allowed to set your profile to fit your needs. As seen on the right, you can have a Seizure Safe Profile, Vision Impaired Profile, Cognitive Disability Profile, ADHD Friendly Profile, Blind Users, and Keyboard Navigation (Motor). These profiles make it very easy for users with disabilities to use your site, and will keep your business safe.

Content Adjustment

Content Adjustment is used mostly for the vision impaired, allowing the user to change the font and make them bigger or more legible with sans serif font. Then user can also change the alignment and the color of the fonts, allowing them to be easier to see. This can also be used to scale up the page to make everything bigger overall. You can also highlight titles and links so they are easier to see, and you can even change the line spacing.

Color Adjustment

Color Adjustment is mostly for the color-blind, allowing the user to change the overall color of the webpage. With these options, you can change the contrast whether it's light or dark. It also allows the to make the site high and low saturation and contrast. The last option is adjusting all the colors of the text and the background colors, this allows the use to change the site colors to their preferences, so it is easier to see.

Orientation Adjustment

The Orientation Adjustments allow the user to what sounds and overall content on the site if it is too much for the user. The user is able to mute sounds, hide images, and even stop animations. They can even change the size and colors of the cursor. This is a catch-all category for everyone simple things, that makes the overall user experience for all users better. This is Accessiblity.

Accessibility Package

Accessibility options are important for you business, 15% of the world’s population has a disability. If you ignore those 2.2 billion vision impaired users, they will use someone elses site. Allow B.R.A.D. to help you get Accessibility, and protect you and your customers.

Expert Plan



  • Accessiblility Profiles
  • Content Adjustment
  • Color Adjustment
  • Orientation Adjustment
  • Language Settings

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Our Mission

Our mission here at B.R.A.D. Software is to create the easiest user exprience for you to run your business. From small to large businesses we do it all, for any and every company out there. Our goal is to have your business succeed and grow, without all the hassle that comes along with it.

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