Troy Henry


The Leader, resonsible for making sure the company is running the best it can, and representing the B.R.A.D. at events, meetings, and functions


Logan Butler

Vice President

The Supervisor, responsible for supervising all daily operations of the company, including IT, marketing and sales.



Evan Castillo

Creative Director

The head of our marketing team, incharge of brand campaigns, and planing ideas for projects.


Jordan Collins

Web Page Manager

The manager, works with designers to edit animations, creating graphics, and creating web pages for the site.


Pierce Gearhart

Software Developer

The man behind the scenes, making sure your user experience with our software is easy as possible.


Faith Nelson

Social Media Manager

The head of all our social media accounts, she makes sure you can reach us from anywhere.

Take a step with us into the modern age and take back control of your business from those huge tech companies.

Our Mission

Our mission here at B.R.A.D. Software is to create the easiest user exprience for you to run your business. From small to large businesses we do it all, for any and every company out there. Our goal is to have your business succeed and grow, without all the hassle that comes along with it.

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